We currently run the Introduction to social sciences for conservation course, available online or in person.  Our courses Questionnaire design and delivery and Qualitative methods for conservation will be launched soon.

Introduction to social sciences for conservation

In this course, you’ll explore the many disciplines which make up social science, appreciate how these disciplines can be applied to conservation objectives, and gain an insight into a range of social science research methods.  Available as a one day in person course or online over three days. More details


Questionnaire design and delivery

Questionnaire development is not as easy as it may first appear.  This course covers questionnaire design, question framing and style, methods to reach target audiences and data protection compliance.


Qualitative research methods for conservation

This course introduces you to qualitative research methods, how they differ from quantitative approaches and when and how to use them to best effect in the conservation sector.


Bespoke courses

We provide bespoke, in-house training for your team on subjects such as use of specific social science methods, monitoring and evaluating impacts or integrating social science into your organisation and practice.

Introduction to social sciences for conservation

This course is targeted at those starting out in social science, perhaps with an existing background in natural sciences or conservation practice, who now find themselves either using social science evidence, commissioning social science or integrating social science into their research and practice.  Participants will gain a foundation in the breadth of social science disciplines and how these can be usefully applied to conservation.  It will provide them with a springboard to advance their understanding and application of conservation social sciences.   


By the end of the course, the attendees will:

  • Have an appreciation for the breadth of social science disciplines and their place as a core component of conservation;

  • Understand the range of methods applied in conservation social sciences and the types of data collected;

  • Be empowered to integrate social science understanding into their current and future activities.


Course content:

  • Motivations and myth busting conservation social science;

  • Overview of the disciplines of social science;

  • Social science methods: introduction to questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, qualitative and quantitative data and considering the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches;

  • Adopting social sciences in your work: practical tips for working in a traditionally natural science sector.

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